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every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway, coco
about me


Loscar's motivation about the designers selection are talent and style, not the publicity they might already have

Are you a designer?

If you already have an e-shop, you can become member of Loscar and
promote yourself, your story and creations to a sophisticated,
people-oriented curated marketplace.
If you do not have your own e-shop here is the place to create it with
the help of our professional team.
Loscar gives you the opportunity to have a voice by making your own styling
suggestions about your creations. (Designer’s suggestion)

Are you the model?

We believe that everyone in this world has the role of a model. As a
visitor, you have the opportunity to find and acquire impressive outfits that will highlight your unique personality and ameliorate your style, making you feel like a real model.

Through Loscar you have the opportunity to:

Discover talented designers and acquire their unique labeled creations.
Learn about the person behind the designs and his/her story.
Discover the designer’s styling suggestions about their creations
(Designer’s suggestion).
Read a tribute every week on a protagonist in fashion industry (fashion designers, fashion icons etc.).

Why Loscar?

I am Lila and Oscar is my dog. When we first met each other, it was
love at first sight. We made the perfect match. The same way Loscar
marketplace makes the perfect match between the designers and you,
our model!

My passion as motivator:

From a young age I’ve been fascinated by the fashion world. When asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer would always be “Chief Editor in a fashion magazine.” In time, the field of my professional occupation never changed, what did change though was the concept and the idea which became a curated market place that hosts talented designers and gives them the opportunity to express themselves and display their creations.

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