Irene Panagiotopoulou

creative Fashion Designer

Way of thinking and creating

“I am the kind of person that follows fashion trends but not faithfully. I adapt the general fashion trends to my personal aesthetic and influences arising from everyday life. I may start from a specific idea, and while working on it, searching and analyzing it may end up to something entirely different, at any case complete. I create the whole outfit.’’...


The Photographs

The designer’s first runway collection exclusively in Loscar.
Model: Clair Doreen Tsournos
Photographer: Tolis Vassiliou


Irene’s Profile

Her Inspiration

Her designs are inspired from paintings, architecture, films, Hollywood movie stars,
decaying nature and her dreams which are full of
fashion designs. Constantly on the lookout, she is searching for
anything new that will make a difference.

Apart from a complete outfit…

Each creation, apart from being part of a whole outfit of the designer, can be worn individually allowing it to become a “unique” part of
the model’s (you) apparel. In every designer’s collection there are pieces that are more conservative, and others that are uniquely
tailor made making them impossible for mass production.

The woman who
wears them..

Her designs are for the woman who is accomplished and dynamic, who knows
what she wants and how to get it. An independent woman, who pays particular attention to her appearance and has a strong personality and sense of humor. Given the choice between her appearance and character she would chose finally the latter. A woman who appreciates practicality of clothing, and will not sacrifice common sense for style, even though she has a soft spot for it.
about MY PAST

Her Drawing Passion Starts

As far back as she can remember she has been drawing landscapes, objects, portraits, shapes and clothes. She would look through magazines searching for ideas regarding fashion, taking notice of the clothes, the models, the figures, their expressions, their posture and the colors. She would observe and faithfully recreate the image until it was a true representation of what was depicted on the page. A perfectionist with a great eye for detail.

about MY PAST

An interference to her calling

She continued designing as a hobby while studying Social Politics at
Panteio University. Since graduation she looked for employment in her chosen field. After one too many disappointments she decided to change career path.

about MY PAST

Bad Luck for Good Luck

happens for a reason”! (She truly believes that). “I sent my CV
and was certain I would be hired. Once again there was a negative
outcome. I hung up the phone,
turned my CV over to the blank page and sketched a figure wearing a Maxi evening dress. At that moment I decided to follow my passion and become a Fashion Designer”.

about my past

Her Fashion Studies

She studied Fashion Design at EPAS
and she went on to follow a Fashion Design course in Vicky Kaya’s Fashion Workshop so that she would improve her craft. A perfectionist with a special eye for detail.

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